The Lambertville Twelve Inaugural Art Exhibit runs May 15 through June 13. This event, organized by Timothy Lovrinic and sponsored by Lovrinic Antiques, is being held in their gallery, 15 North Union St., Lambertville. The exhibit represents decorated and widely-recognized area artists actively working in the immediate Lambertville-New Hope area, featuring the work of Joseph Barrett, Jerry Cable, Gordon Haas, Colette Sexton, Ty Hodanish, Al Lachman, Christopher Willett, David Hahn, Glenn Harren and Malcolm Bray.

"This event has taken nearly two years to put together," Lovrinic said. "I did a great deal of research identifying commonalities that bind the artists together. Big things, like their associations with museums, the awards and accolades they have received, and things less noticeable like where they teach and were taught, as well as, where they live and show their work. But I have to say the strongest tie between everyone, myself included, is the City of Lambertville itself. "I am starting the Lambertville Twelve as a platform to showcase the exceptional artistic talent taking place here and now in this 'golden age of local art.'

The Lambertville Twelve will showcase the city of Lambertville, because Lambertville is what the event is about. The artists are the vehicle, their splendor is the attraction and their dedication is the reason to believe. I can't stress enough how highly-regarded these artists are and how tremendous the opportunity is for showcasing the city of Lambertville." Collectively, the artists have won every major juried exhibition in the area and have been individually and collectively shown in major museums both nationally and internationally. They have been the presidents of all the major art alliances locally, and some nationally. They have run successful galleries, they teach, they are friends with one another and they have dedicated their lives to the artistic community that is centered in Lambertville and New Hope. "Lambertville is the core, the ties that bind us together and makes us a community," Lovrinic said. "This has been fostered in Lambertville for more than a century, and that is really what it is all about: a group of individuals, acting as one for a greater cause."