How to make a living as an artist? "No, I'm Not Starving" is Gordon Haas' journey into doing just that. This book is a narrative story of Gordon's life experiences towards becoming a successful artist. It is filled with details encompassing nearly forty years of trials and tribulations in the art world.

"No, I'm Not Starving" includes topics such as preparing for a six-week painting trip in Italy, setting up his own solo exhibit in France, traveling through Provence, painting the hills of Tuscany, conducting a painting workshop in Positano, a chapter on what I call "The Poor Starving Artists' Syndrome," going to the best art school in the country, R.I.S.D., the steps towards creating one's unique style of painting, the three reasons why people actually pull out their money and buy art, opening one's own gallery while cutting out the middle man, the incredible productivity possible when one is a full time professional artist.

This book is not just for the aspiring artist, but rather for anyone interested in the arts and the life of a painter. The story also includes many personal encounters with the local people while traveling through Europe. This includes such places as Provence, Tuscany, Venice and Positano, "The pearl of the Amalfi Coast."

If one liked "Under the Tuscan Sun" by Frances Mayes, this book is for you.

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